It affects the lives of some 500,000 people along its banks, connecting cities and villages, providing daily water needs for cooking, bathing, washing, and sanitation.  But it is also hygienically unsafe, especially for the children.  IFS initiated a water pilot program in 2011, providing a simple and affordable community water treatment system to promote health and clean water.  Imbedded in this project, is one-on-one Community Health education about proper sanitation, and the importance of hygiene for family health.  We love seeing the families gather around the clean water.  It’s a hands-on source of new hope and a new way for them.  This project is easily reproducible and with support can be offered to many other villages in the region. 

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In West Borneo, the river is the highway, and the Kapuas River is one of the longest rivers in the world.  
Water Project
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