Medical Teams are a mainstay of IFS service.  We have partnered with doctors and nurses from all over the country, sending out nearly 700 people to suffering countries of the world.  
Our Vision is Realistic

At International Friendship Summit we are working to create hope and the opportunity for a better world.

But we can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now. 


We want the people affected by our efforts to notice real improvements. 

By building on our past successes and establishing strategic priorities, we will have the foundation to become stronger and more efficient than ever.​
Make a Difference Today

And for every medically trained team member, we need 1 non-medical team member.  So come join us!  We’ll give you a task, and teach you exactly how to do it.  We’re 100% volunteer, and we’ll show you how to raise your money.  We do this a lot—ask us how.  Not sure about joining a medical team?  Can you speak English? If yes, then you’re qualified to teach in our CDC while the medical team goes out each day.  Again, we’ll show you how.  It’s what we do.  Don’t say “no” because of fear, and don’t say “no” because of money. We’re looking for doctors, nurses, PA’s, nurse practitioners, dentists, dental students, and many other fields of medical expertise.  Love is bigger than both. 

Listen to these testimonials:

My trip to Indonesia broke my heart, brought me indescribable joy, and forever changed my perspective on life and human necessities. As a medical student, my trip allowed me to share the education and training with which I’ve been blessed, with a people who have no access to healthcare. Many of these warm-hearted, loving people received health screenings and health education for the first time, and I was honored to have been a part of a team that poured themselves out completely, to show love and compassion to others.  I went to give to others, but I received so much more than I expected.  It wasn’t just 10 days in the jungle changing others lives—in the long run, it was my life that was changed.

This is truly an opportunity to use your medical skills in a perfect combination of healing the sick, and giving back to community.  The villages are so grateful for our help, and the fact that we had traveled from across the world, was very special to them.  We felt a special connection with every patient, no matter what their religion or belief system. At the end of the first clinic, I knew that my gifts and training were being used in a way that I don’t always experience back home. Now I know why I was called to the medical field.  I’ve been given much—much is expected of me.