The children gathered today have just been told they would receive milk after their lesson! They were so excited!
Child Development Center
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We want the people affected by our efforts to notice real improvements. 

But not so much about the milk, they were excited to have a teacher! They live 3 hours by boat from the nearest township, and 50% have no opportunity to progress past elementary school. IFS has been on the search for a quality teacher for these children, and a wonderful Indonesian couple answered the request.  This dedicated, loving couple designed our Child Development Center and now teach some 80 children and teenagers in lessons of math, English, and hygiene every day. After their lessons, the kids receive a nutritious meal; a rare thing for them to enjoy. There are currently 150 more children waiting to be enrolled in the CDC, but the resources are not there yet. We ask you to get involved with this ministry, to help these precious children have a better future. Their lives are not only directly improved, but they also carry their lessons home to their families, where the knowledge is passed on again.  

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